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Caring for your pets since 1990

We Take the Health of Your Pets Seriously

Our goal is to provide personal, thorough, compassionate care and treat each pet as a unique individual.  The veterinarians and staff at Cowesett Animal Hospital are a group of caring, competent, people who fully embrace our mission statement. We care for your pet as if it was our own and understand what it is like when a family pet is ill. Our caring veterinary nurses are fully trained to provide information and resources to maintain your pet's health.

Who We Care For

What We Do

Dental Health

Some animals have beautiful teeth their whole life while others need help maintaining good oral health. We will spend time during your visit discussing ways to promote oral health in your pet, through daily brushing and the use of dental products. If there is already significant disease, we may discuss how we can help treat and manage your pet’s specific problems in hospital with follow up plan for home care.

Diagnostic Imaging

Sometimes we recommend imaging of your pet to get more information about what’s going on inside. We offer both digital x-rays and ultrasound imaging, and may recommend specific imaging studies of the chest, abdomen, head/neck, spine, or limbs if there are specific concerns on the physical exam.

Laboratory Testing

Blood, urine, and feces are a nuisance at home, but they are a valuable source of information about your pet's health to us! We may recommend laboratory testing as part of your pet's yearly preventative care, prior to anesthesia for any pet, and any time there is a specific concern about organ function, parasites, or infection.

Anesthesia Safety

We are able to perform a variety of soft tissue surgery (surgery that does not involve bones) ranging from spay/neuter to tumor removals/surgical biopsies, and wound repairs. Our primary concern during these procedures is a safe anesthetic experience for your pet. We accomplish this by appropriately evaluating your pet by means of physical and laboratory evaluations, and careful continuous monitoring during and after anesthesia.

Preventative Health Care

We all know the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Preventative health care is so much more than just yearly vaccination. We spend time at each visit discussing ways to protect your pet’s health and prevent onset of disease; if appropriate, we discuss screening tests to detect serious conditions as soon as possible, and create tailored treatment plans to reduce the impact of ongoing conditions.

"My fur babies (cat & dog) have been patients here for many years and I plan on staying with Dr Korry and Dr Labriola for many years to come. They and their staff are the most considerate and conscientious people...toward animals and their owners. Exams are gentle and complete, recommendations offered as necessary, and always a next-day follow up phone call to check if all is well." 

Our doctors are proud to support the Rhode Island Companion Animal Foundation, a unique organization founded by the veterinarians in Rhode Island and dedicated to providing financial support for veterinary care for animals whose owners have financial need.

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